Jumping the pier

The Italian Sunday magazine Domenica del Corriere (The Sunday Courier) had an interesting story from Tórshavn on a British trawler that jumped the pier. Domencia del Corriera  ran from 1899 to 1989. In the fifties, it was the largest weekly magazine in Italy with when it was largest circulated  1,3 mil. copies. This number declined in the seventies when the competition with other magazines increased. The story below is from 1964, e.g. when Domenica del Corriere still was in the lead. In addition, the story was presented on the back page, so plenty of people are likely to have seen it. The story is as follows: An unprecedented port entry […]

Gino Covili, faith, and the image of Francis

The excellent exhibition “Faith and images” at the Faroese National Gallery gives reflections on my own picture gallery. We often tend to value the most inaccessible things, such as the original paintings and drawings, but in this case, it is a reprint of a work of Gino Covili from 1992-93. The title of the work is “The preach to the birds”. Gino Covili: The preach to the birds Gino Covili (2018-2005) is a well-known Italian artist. However, he was unknown to me until 2017 when we got a visit from Italy, including a lecture at the National Library about the artist. The visit was arranged by Gianfranco Contri, who is […]

Faroese fairy tales published in Italian language

Faroese fairy tales published in Italian language

Faroese fairy tales are special, and different than the fairy tales in Europe. Tey also differ from the well known fairy tales from the other Northern countries. The Faroese legends and fairy tales have not been improved and rewritten and therefore are more pristine than the well known stories from the other Northern countries where the Faroese stories stem.

The change from indifference to an active stance in favour of pilot whale hunting

As a child in the 60’ties we had whale meat (grind) and blubber occasionally, but not often, since no one in the household participated in the whale hunting and slaughter. So probably during my whole childhood we kept within the recommendations from the health authorities that came after the studies of whole Faroese cohorts showing that mercury had a negative impact on the performance of the children. When I attended gymnasium (higher secondary) I usually had a hot meal at the school at lunch time, and here I got grind and blubber regularly, typically once a week. I didn’t question that, but I have later realised that the reason for […]

Protest and amendment

I have sent in a protest to the authorities together with a proposal for amendment, in an attempt to protect my beloved hometown against a new development that culturally belongs back in the stoneage! Instead of translating the protest, which is not that exciting, I would like to learn from other countries, whether I am right that this development is outdated, and how people in other countries solve such issues.

The Babel of the roots

In connection with the solar eclipse we got visitors from Italia. During such a visit several activities are in play, excursions, museums, but indeed also food. It turned out that they were very interested in trying Faroese food, both grind (pilot whale), spik (blubber), skerpikjøt (dried sheep meat) and rullupylsa (sausage made of rolled mutton) – and what else we could think of. In return we got a great selection of unique food from Italy – cheese, balsamico, spagetti, tortellini, tomato sauce, kake. Hence food was also a subject for discussion, and usually the discussion ran without problems – untill the day we should explain what swede (in Faroese kálrabi) is. […]

A simple question

A simple question

Should Scotland become an independent country – yes/no! A simple question with a simple answer. Of course YES!  – And ewen though the polls indicate that it will be very close, people are expecting the result to be yes. Lot of people have changed their mind in the recent months. It are those in doubt and those who said no that have moved on, og still more people support an independent Scotland. Those who are willing to take charge of their own country are not in doubt. Today, September 18., is a decisive day, and more than 50,000 supporters for independens have for months strugged to convince their co-citizens on the importance of […]

Happy soil day!

Happy soil day!

Today, Dec. 5th, is the international soil day. A day devoted healthy and fertile soils. The day is proposed by FAO, the food and agriculture organisation within United Nation, realising that soil is not a sustainable resource, when considering the lifespan of human beings. From this follows that if we spoil the land, then the soil will need so long time to recover, that it will not be within our lifetime. A visible example of this is a story in the Faroese popular science magasin “Frøði” (nr. 2, 2013), where the botanist Anna Maria Fosaa writes about a study from an enclosure, that when established was quite eroded by overgrazing. […]

FarGen and James Watson

James Watson and David Micklos Attended the excellent FarGen 2013 conference, where this video was shown (link on the picture or above). This presentation was a compensation as James Watson due to health had cancelled his announced attendance to the conference. An inspiring interwiev. David Micklos, the interwiever, participated at the conference, but in addition he arranged a workshop for high school pupils on genetics – with DNA technology that fitted in a suitcase. He did this skilfully and with ease, with lot of experiences from his job as leader at the DNA Learning Centre, where thousands of pupils of all ages take courses every year. If we her in […]